Company Description

Quality HoneycombSince 1956, Quality Honeycomb has pioneered the development and manufacture of thin-gauge, high temperature welded honeycombs.

Quality Honeycomb is a premier manufacturer of aircraft engine honeycomb. We are capable of manufacturing the honeycomb configuration required for virtually every aircraft engine produced. Our products are used in stationery gas turbines, steam turbines and compressors. In addition, we manufacture honeycomb for use in flow straighteners, energy absorbers, flame arrestors, collimators, sound suppressors, radio frequency shields and many structural components.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Quality Honeycomb's manufacturing capability is unparalleled.

  • High volume honeycomb manufacturing equipment of our own design
  • Tooling and manufacturing capability for over 50 honeycomb cell sizes and configurations.
  • Large inventory of honeycomb foil and braze alloy materials.
  • Spark erosion and wire EDM machining
  • Custom slitting equipment for all sizes of honeycomb foils.
  • Experienced manufacturing engineering and quality assurance staffs.
  • Vacuum furnaces for braze and heat treating
  • Modern and spacious 60,000 square foot facility with all operations under one roof.

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